Your final game is due April 26th, 2017 at 10AM

Upload your final game here under the following naming convention.

Be prepared to present your final game for about 5 minutes.
Make sure you have a partner selected whom can play your game while you present.
What you will be covering in the final presentation:
1. Your name.
2. Your game’s name.
3. Primary Mechanics.
4. How do you win?
5. What makes your game different from the others.
6. Why is your game fun?
7. Demonstration of game-play (driver required).
One element that will be different from the elevators pitches is that there will be time for Q&A.
Everyone is required to have played each others bug free version at this time and should have some questions or feedback.

As a reminder, the grade for you final project follows this equation:

Elevator pitch (15%) + Bug free build (20%) + Final Presentation (15%) + Final Build of game (50%) = 100%

Good luck!