On April 19th each of you will give a 50-70 second elevator pitch.

In your pitch, you are going to be covering the following:
1. Your Name
2. The name of your game
3. The primary mechanics
4. The fantasy of your game (not story).
5. What makes your game different.
6. The scope of the game. (Where you want to see this game go).

Here are the rules:
Everyone starts off with 100 points.
For every second under 50 you lose 2 points.
For every second over 70 you lose 2 points.
For every “UM or UH” said, you will be docked and 1 point.
For every second you spend talking about story, you will be docked 1 point.
If I see an oddity or any moment of odd pausing, I hold authority to have you restart your pitch.

After your third failed attempt, I give you a 70 and you are done.

This score will be make up 15% of the grade on your final project.

Please attach the following to the post:

1) Your completely bug free version of your game so far.  This bug free version will be worth 20% of your final game’s grade.
Bug Free Build contains the following:
No game breaking bugs
No bugs regarding collision
Art process is beginning (No more Squares, Circles and Triangles)
Has a restart button, start screen, and end screen.

2) 1-2 Images of your game in its current status for visual representation.

To clarify:

Your final project is worth 30% of your grade. This grade is broken down in the following manner.

Elevator pitch (15%) + Bug free build (20%) + Final Presentation (15%) + Final Build of game (50%) = 100%


-Michael Stewart