Each of you will present the two prototypes you are thinking of making into games.   With that in mind, you need to leave a comment with the following:

1. Take a screen shot from each of your hopeful prototypes. Place these 2 screenshots side by side in a single image named <lastname>-<selection>.jpg.

2.Include the prototype numbers and requirements in the comment section and also on the image itself.

Be ready to speak to the class for 5 minutes about your chosen prototypes and how you would develop them.

I expect you to then get a quick vote from the class to help you determine if one prototype seems more likely than the other.

By Thursday all of your grades will be posted on e-learning and you should be able to identify which two prototypes you want to move forward with.
Again, ONLY games that have been presented in class and received an 8 or more (fun point does not count towards this) can be presented to the class for decision making.
In the event that a student only has 1 game containing an 8 or more grade, then they will be assigned that game as their final and will not be presenting.
In the event that a student does not have a prototype that received a 8 or more, then an email will be sent assigning one of your prototype as your final project.
If you are assigned a final prototype in either of these manners, you will not be presenting, but your attendance is still expected and recorded.

The for-mentioned comment above is due by 10 AM April 12th

Good luck.