***Theme is: Camping (Real Life)***

***Required Mechanics are:  GAME WITH AN INVENTORY SYSTEM (AT LEAST 4 ITEMS)***

Player Inventory:
* The inventory overlay must be visible on the game screen at all times.
* At least 1 of your items must be brought physically into the world upon use.
* At least 1 of your items, must affect the player control metrics in some form.
* Each item must reflect the theme.

* The art must reflect theme
* There are numerous tutorials online that teach a simple inventory system in gamemaker.
* Items can be more than just potions and powerups. They can affect the world around you as well.
* The theme is camping, NOT HUNTING.

Do NOT wait until the last minute to start.
Theme and execution is important.
All games that do not have a restart button will lose at least 1 execution point.

Tutorial Videos:
Spalding : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwBC6kyTa0M
Heartbeast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGTnkv22epE

Name your executable with the following naming convention:

Turn in your assignments in the comment section of the blog.
Assignment are due by Monday October 23rd, by no later than 10AM.

Don’t forget to sign your post with your first and last name.

Thanks, and good luck.