***Theme: Fast-Food***

***Required Mechanics: SELF RUNNING ARTIFICIAL LIFE SIMULATION (no player interaction)***


  • The theme is FAST FOOD, NOT “Breaking-Bad”
  • This game prototype assignment is focused on the development of systems and artificial intelligence. (things that happen without the player)
  • Once launched, your game should require no input and run on its own.
  • The game should NOT be repetitious. Each run of the simulation should be different.
  • I should be able to see what is happening. Feedback is crucial.
  • Think about different goals/responses/paths and meanings for each of your systems and how they relate to each other.
  • Consider the following games: The Sims, Viva Pinata. 
  • Games will run for 2-3 minutes during presentations.

You are REQUIRED to use GML code and will turn-in a doc with your major code implementation. This does not mean the entire project must be written in GML.
Use correct formal coding practices and make sure you comment your code so I can understand.
BONUS POINT: If I approve of your coding practices and implementation.

Do NOT wait until the last minute to start.
Theme and execution are important. 

Name your executable with the following naming convention:

Name your code document file with the following naming convention:

Turn in your assignments in the comment section of the blog.
The assignment is due on Monday, October 9th, by no later than 10 AM.

Don’t forget to sign your post with your first and last name.

Thanks, and good luck.